Eerik Inpuj Sound was founded in early 1999 by emit/k.m. krebs and proswell as a tracker label focused on releasing experimental music in module file formats.

The name was borrowed from a mysterious phrase found painted on a large boulder.

It has been affectionately known simply as 'inpuj' ever since.

INPUJ061 was the last release to be made as source files, marking the end of Inpuj as a tracker label and the beginning of its second incarnation as a free-form audio collective. After a lengthy pause in activity, the first 100 releases on inpuj were consolidated as an archive, and inpuj resumed regular operations.

Regardless of technological advancements, shifts in distribution models, and the ever-changing landscape of contemporary music, our intent remains the same: to showcase the best weird music that wouldn't feel at home anywhere else.

A bright and strange future unfolds before us.

To submit a demo for release consideration, contact ilkae.
If you're a level 30 archivist who has one of the 4 missing releases, please get in touch.