ilkae - can't play guitar


This is the first album of all-new ilkae material in over four years, and it is an atypical beast that probably deserves an explanation.

This project began after a particularly bleak series of months during which I wrote no music at all. I figured that I could trick myself back into the practice of writing music by attempting to produce cover versions of some of my favourite songs, while limiting myself to the basic functions of the impulse tracker file format.

The idea was to remove the need to compose, while avoiding the endless rabbit-hole of DSP & VSTs. It had been a few years since my last ear training class, and I kind of missed that sort of thing.

I was also excited to see how much additive/subtractive synthesis I could accomplish within the tracker itself, by combining simple waveforms in strange ways across many channels. What could possibly go wrong?

File under: ilkae, covers, math-rock, impulse tracker, square waves.