Craque - Submach Liquor


Although plenty of my live shows are online in various places, none of my Craque releases have uniquely and wholly focussed on what I actually do when I improvise live. And so, free improvisations make up 2/3rds of the tracks here, while the others are layerings of improv sessions (using the computer as a fancy tape splicer). All sound is from acoustic sources and hardware instruments, intentionally; I have grown close to the concept of using original sound - whether it be from everyday objects, traditional instruments, invented ones, plant-life or electricity - and not samples or pre-composed units. Even in the composted works there is a heavy amount of intuition and minimal edits involved in arranging the audiosphere of each into a final whole.

And while it may be difficult to explain the source of inspiration for freely improvised music, sonic exploration is a big theme in my approach, as is a deep connection to the subconscious. Making art in a live setting like this forces me to connect to the self in an engaged way where I'm simultaneously listening and participating in the progression of the music. An awareness of spacetime as well as attention to the subtleties of my own experience that lay dormant just under the surface; the fabric of consciousness distilled in sound.


Matt Davis plays: Invented instrumentation: Hunquejarp (sounding board), Thorax (music boxes), EggCig Harp (cigarbox-mounted egg slicer). Modular synth (eurorack & diy), loopers and delay f/x, sonic accidents and glitches. Prepared and ebowed les paul 'peewee' guitar, cello, flute, amplified cactus, kalimba.