Cex - Prismatic spray


Cex is an electronic composer that has a long history of eclectic sound, covering many different styles and genres ranging from abstract idm, to full-band noise pop. His work has seen release via Jade Tree Records, Temporary Residence, Automation Records, and most notably Tigerbeat6, which he co-founded. Though he has often worked with vocals in the past, the recent few years have seen him revisit original form with complex and involving instrumental electronic music. Prismatic Spray furthers this endeavor.

In his own words, the LP represents 'a return to my cyberpunk origin but with all the years of perfecting my proficiency & intimacy with the machines. It is a bag of sharp, colorful tunes I made with machines at my house over the last 2-3 years. Instead of trying to get the machines to play songs from out of my head, I'm using a more improvisational approach to try and give the machines as much of a say in the outcome as possible.'