ilkae - incidental guilt jazz


This release compiles the remixes, compilation appearances, orphaned tracks and strays released as ilkae between 2000 and 2007.

It collects material which originally appeared on merck records (us), neo ouija (uk), hydrogen dukebox (uk), saag (jp), suojain (fi), and camomille (ca). These tracks have been restored via their original source files to minimize the influence of incongruent 3rd party mastering. All music by Aaron Munson and Krystian Lubiszewski, except #10 by Joe Misra. #01 is a remix of md, #02 is a remix of machinedrum, and #09 is a remix of metamatics.

This release was compiled and mastered in February 2011. It is dated as 11/11/07, which marks the completion date of the last track included here.