Agargara - Dovetail Groove Madness


DOVETAIL GROOVE MADNESS is a viral phenomenon that causes groups of people to dance erratically, sometimes thousands at a time. The mania affects men, women, and children who dance until they collapse from exhaustion. One of the first major outbreaks was in Aachen, in the Holy Roman Empire, in 1374, and it quickly spread throughout Europe; one particularly notable outbreak occurred in Strasbourg in 1518, also in the Holy Roman Empire.

Affecting thousands of people across several centuries, DOVETAIL GROOVE MADNESS is not an isolated event, and is well documented in contemporary reports. It is nevertheless poorly understood, and remedies are based on guesswork. Generally, musicians accompany dancers, to help ward off the madness, but this tactic sometimes backfires by encouraging more to join in. There is no consensus among scholars as to the cause of DOVETAIL GROOVE MADNESS.

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